CIRCULAR NO.: 07/2012

16 August

“But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives he will produce this kind of fruit in us:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; . . .”

Gal. 5:22

Dear Parents

We would like to bring the following matters to your attention:

1.       Mission Offering:

We want to thank all our learners for their mission offering on Friday 3 August.  An amount of R500 was collected and contributed to Orlando West Primary.


2.       Cross Country  (26 July)

On 26 July our Gr. 4 – 7 learners took part in an inter schools Cross Country competition at Paterson Park.  We want to thank our learners for their good behavior and great sportsmanship.  Congratulations to all our learners who received gold, bronze and silver medals as well as certificates; we are very proud of all of you.


3.       Theatre Day:

On Friday 17 August, Sun Sweet Stories will be at our school to perform the story of Aboe’s Shadow – an educational story with life values.  The cost will be R15 per learner (Gr R – 7).  Parents who would like to attend are also welcome.  (R15 each).


4.       Homework:

We want to thank all our Parents who sign their children’s homework books/diaries every day.  It is also important to make sure that learners complete all their work thoroughly and that they are well prepared and ready for the next day.

Gr. 1 – 3 Learners MUST know their spelling words, and reading lessons well, as well as the given sums/times tables.


Gr. 4-7 must take time every day to prepare and study for their weekly tests.

Please help your child to pack his/her bag according to the time table; some learners carry heavy and unnecessary overloaded bags to school every day.  Our buses are sometimes overloaded with heavy school bags which take up a lot of space.

5.       Pretoria Rally:

On the 25th of August Presda will be responsible for the Sabbath School classes (Gr. R – 7) and also for the Youth Church during the Divine Service.  We want to call on all class representatives who would be willing to assist the Teachers on this Sabbath to complete the tear-off slip.  Your kind consideration would be appreciated.


6.       P.T.A.

The P.T.A. is in need of a mother who would be willing to be the new Secretary.  If you feel that you could assist in this position, please contact Mr Dayton, Tel. No.: 071 866-4444, urgently.

The P.T.A. is busy preparing a Spring Day fundraising (water fun day).  You will receive more information with a special memo about this day within the next two weeks.


7.       School Fees:

We want to thank all Parents who are up to date with their school fees.  If you are in arrears, PLEASE settle the arrears amount immediately.  The school CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE ANY ACCOUNTS IN ARREARS.


8a           Hockey Socks:

                Gr. 6 & 7 girls can now buy their hockey socks directly from the school
                at R60 a pair.

8b           We would like to remind our Parents that the school uniform may now


9.       Sport:

Please check your child’s time table and make sure that they pack their sports clothes when they have sport the next day.

10.   Lunch:

We want to ask our Parents to please make sure that your child has enough food for the day.  We have lately experienced that some learners (especially Gr. R – 3) complain that they are still hungry after they have finished their lunch.   

       Open Days:

Please take note that Presda’s Open Days will be on 30 August, 18 October and 8 November. 

Gr. R – Gr. 1:  09h00/11h00.  Please make an appointment with the school Secretary.  All other grades:  14h00 – 16h00.



Thank you to all our Parents for your loyal support and continuous prayers.  It is our aim at all times to provide quality Christian education based on our 28 fundamental Adventist beliefs.  Please be assured that your child is precious to us.

Parents may contact the school Secretary to make an appointment with a Teacher or the Principal to discuss any matter of importance/concern (14h00 – 16h00).

Kind regards




Please note:  Calls to the Principal/Staff Members not later than 20h00.


Acknowledgement of Receipt – Circular 12/2012


I _______________________________ acknowledge receipt of the above circular and take note of the contents

                Name of Parent/Guardian


thereof.  I am the parent of ________________________________   in Gr. _________________

                                                                Name of child


Signature:  _________________________                                       Date:  ________________________



Pretoria Rally:  25 August 2012 – Circular 12/2012


I am a class representative at Presda Primary School.  I __________________________________ would be

                                                                                                                Name and Surname


prepared to help at the Pretoria Rally in one of the Sabbath School/Youth classes.  My child is in Gr. ______.


Signature:  ____________________________                                               Date:  ________________________